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DirecTV suggests life hacks to make sure NFL fans don’t miss Sunday games [Video]

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For the past 25 seasons, DirecTV has partnered with the NFL to bring football fanatics more of what they love, and a new series of ads gives them some time-saving life hacks to make sure they don’t miss a minute of NFL action.

According to the company, NFL Sunday Ticket is still the only place for fans to get every live game, every Sunday, with exclusive access to all out-of-market NFL games.

This year’s ads provide weekend hacks, so football fans can make room for all the games on NFL Sunday Ticket. In ‘Life Lessons’ a man tries to teach his young son all the rules of life he should know in less than a minute, including the birds and the bees, so he can watch the game. In ‘Lemonade’ a woman speeds up the lemonade stand process by pouring all the lemony liquid into one huge Solo cup so the kids can “wrap it up” and she can watch the Raiders game. In ‘Squeaky Clean’ a Dallas Cowboys fan power washes his bathroom, to disastrous effect, as he tries to hurry up his chores before the game starts.

The spots were done by BBDO in Los Angeles. To see them all, click on the Creative Works box below.

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