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Eleven Sports: who is owner and what is currently broadcast on the channel? [Video]

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ELEVEN SPORTS is the new home of La Liga, Serie A and the 2018 PGA Championship after they won rights to an impressive number of sporting events.

Sky Sports has provided coverage of the Spanish top tier but in the coming season, it will be changing hands.

 Andrea Radrizzani is the owner of the company

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Andrea Radrizzani is the owner of the company

What is Eleven Sports?

THE Eleven Sports Network was launched in April 2015 as an international sports content platform. 

It currently models primarily on major internal sports rights in smaller countries.

According to their website, they deliver more than 25,000 LIVE hours of sport per year to over 17 million paying customers.

CAMPEONES: Sky Sports lose La Liga rights to UK-based Eleven Sports

Who is the owner?

Eleven Sports is owned by Leeds owner Andrea Radrizzani who specialises in media rights in sport and digital media.

The Italian businessman became a 50% owner of the Championship club in January 2017 before becoming the sole owner in May of the same year.

He is the founder and group chairman of Aser, a global investment company that focuses on media and sport.

 Barcelona are La Liga champions this season

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Barcelona are La Liga champions this season

Who is Andrea Radrizzani? Leeds United and Eleven Sports owner who has beaten Sky Sports to La Liga rights

What do they broadcast?

Eleven Sports will broadcast live and exclusive coverage of the La Liga and Serie A games in the UK and Ireland. 

They have also won exclusive rights to the PGA Championship.

How can I watch the 2018 PGA Championship for FREE?

There will be TWO  ways to watch the PGA Championship for FREE on Eleven Sports:

  • All four rounds are available through a FREE 7-day trial of Eleven Sports online
  • The first two rounds will be streamed for FREE  on Facebook Live through the Eleven Sports UK page

How much does Eleven Sports cost?

Eleven Sports will be available for £5.99-a-month or £59.99-a-year.

But if you order before the end of August you can watch the channel for £49.99.

Eleven have not said which La Liga and Serie A matches will be available, but there will be up to ten per weekend.

They tweeted: “We will select the best LIVE football.

“Of course, this is depending on the time of the season, and how many matches are available, but there will be up to 10 LIVE matches per week, with games also available via delayed broadcast.”

Can I watch La Liga and Serie A games for free on Eleven Sports?

Eleven Sports will live stream at least one match from both La Liga and Serie A on Facebook every week.

And the first weekend will feature two crackers.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s debut for Juventus at Chievo Verona will be live for free at 5pm on Saturday, August 18.

And then on Monday will be the eagerly awaited La Liga clash between heavyweights Valencia and Atletico Madrid.

Barcelona will debut on the channel’s Facebook page a week later at Valladolid.

Friday 17/08 – Girona v Valladolid (7.15pm)
Saturday 18/08 – Chievo v Juventus (5pm)
Monday 20/08 – Valencia v Atletico Madrid (7pm)

Saturday 25/08 – Valladolid v Barcelona (9.15pm)
Sunday 26/08 – Inter Milan v Torino (7.30pm)

Barcelona celebrate La Liga title win with open-top bus parade as Andres Iniesta bids fans farewell

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