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Jessica Falkholt hero witnesses another fatal crash scene [Video]

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Lisa Elmas, 44, witnessed the scene of another fatal crash on ThursdayThe mother-of-three stumbled across the wreckage in Milton, New South WalesFormer Olympian Hamid Mobarrez, 36, and his son Eli continue to fight for lifeThe Iranian’s wife Tamara Mobarrez, 36, died in the head-on collisionMs Elmas said she was horrified to see the scene so soon after her heroicsShe had dragged Jessica Falkholt and her sister from a car wreck on Boxing Day

The heroic mother-of-three who dragged actress Jessica Falkholt and her sister from a car wreck has been left horrified after witnessing the scene of another fatal crash just weeks later. 

Lisa Elmas, 44, was one of the first witnesses on the scene of a horror head-on crash that has left a former Iranian Olympian and his five-year-old son

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