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Tyron Woodley Explains Why He Doesn’t Like What the Sport of MMA Has Become [Video]

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Tyron Woodley really doesn’t like where the sport of mixed martial arts is headed these days.

According to the reigning UFC welterweight champion, he misses when MMA was still a sport more than entertainment and fighters were judged based on performances inside the cage rather than outlandish acts on the outside.

It’s part of the reason why Woodley admits that he doesn’t actually enjoy fighting all that much but it has nothing to do with training or the actual battles he endures when he’s competing.

Instead, Woodley points to all the outside factors that have started to play a part in the sport more and more these days where fighters are talking themselves into fights rather than earning it based on accomplishments.

“I don’t even really like fighting to be honest. I’m just good at it,” Woodley told Joe Rogan on his podcast on Thursday.

“I don’t like the politics

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